Covid-19 Update: Pick-up and Delivery Orders Only

You can now place an order for store-front or curbside pickup right on your phone or computer. Orders can be placed for as soon as the next day, or as far in the future as you like! For delivery orders, or same day pickups. please call the bakery at (619) 328-0500


" Food allergies don't define us. We are not our diseases. We are people who happen to have food allergies, just like we have red hair, or brown eyes, or big feet. These things don't make us who we are, they are just a small part of the whole. We get up every morning and live our lives just like everyone else. And we are strong."

-Jaime Schwartz (founder of Starry Lane)


NO Gluten

NO Soy

NO Dairy

NO Eggs

NO Tree Nuts



NO Peanuts

NO Fish

NO Shellfish

NO Mustard

NO Sesame



      A Dedicated Top Ten Allergen Free Bakery      

Welcome to Starry Lane Bakery, a dedicated top 10 allergen free bakery.

Stop settling for prepackaged treats that have been sitting on the grocery store shelf for weeks on end. Whether you're craving bread, cookies, or cupcakes, our staff is committed to providing you with delicious and fresh baked pastries, in a safe, welcoming environment.


A holiday all about food, whats not to love? At Starry Lane we have everything you need to make your holiday dinner shine. Pies, dinner rolls, stuffing, you name it, we've got it! Check out all the amazing things we have in store for you this year.

Just remember: You must place an order if you'd like to pick up any items on Wednesday November 25th. The bakery will not be open to walk in guests, only guests there to pickup previously placed orders.

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"I nearly burst into tears when I realized that EVERYTHING in the bakery is safe for me to eat.."

Jessica, San Jose` CA                          


"Starry Lane Bakery is the first place that my son has ever been able to walk into and order whatever he wants."

Jenn, Glendale AZ


"It is the first time I ever ever heard the words This is all gluten free - you can have anything here."

Tammy, Calgary Canada