Bars and Brownies

A 50's favorite for the new millennium

Whether you're looking for an indulgent brownie or a refreshing lemon bar, we've got the right bar for any craving.

Lemon Bars
$3.25 each / $35.75 dozen

For everyone who thought an egg free lemon bar was an impossible dream, we're proud to announce that dreams do come true. Made with fresh lemon juice, and more tart then sweet, these lemon custard topped bars are a refreshing treat on a hot San Diego day.

Maple Brown Sugar Bar
$3.25 each / $35.75 dozen

For the more refined pallet, our maple blondies might be just the ticket. Moist, dense squares that blend the best traits of a chewy brownie and a fluffy cake into one delicious confection. Mixed with 100% pure maple syrup, these treats are a staff favorite.

$3.50 each / $38.50 dozen

Traditional Fudge ~ Molten Caramel

All true chocoholics know there's nothing better than a brownie, and these little gems hit all the marks. Rich, dense, and practically oozing chocolaty flavor, the only question you need to ask yourself is... do you prefer an end piece or a middle?

Bars and Brownie Ingredients

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