Breakfast Pastries

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Start Your Day Off Right!

Hot brewed coffee, soft fuzzy slippers, and the warm cozy feeling of a fresh baked morning pastry... yeah, we're all over that

Cinnamon Rolls
$5.75 each / $63.25 dozen

Sweet and spicy, tender with just a hint of chew, it looks, feels, and tastes just like you've always wanted a gluten free cinnamon roll to taste like. All of our recipes take time to develop, but clocking in at over 2 years, these cinnamon rolls were a true labor of love

$5.00 each / $55.00 dozen

Blueberry ~ Triple Berry ~ Lemon Poppy

~ Chocolate Chip ~

We know this is California, and the odds of a good winter storm blowing in are... well... zero. But there's something about an old fashioned muffin that just screams "Snow Day". It's not just breakfast, it's a trip back to sledding down a snow covered hill, snow ball fights, and warm cozy fires. Take a bite and be transported.

$3.25 each / $35.75 dozen

Vanilla Cranberry ~ Lemon Rosemary 

~ Orange Cardamom~

Not too sweet, not too savory, scones make the perfect light breakfast or afternoon pick me up. These pastries hold up very well until the next day on your counter, but for the best taste and texture we recommend eating them same day, fresh from our ovens.


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