Fresh Baked Cookies

Stuffed in a jar or stacked on a plate, warm or cold, big as your head or small as a quarter, no matter how you stack it, we all love cookies! Take a nibble of these awesome treats and remember...there's no place like home.

Grandma's Favorites
$2.50 each / $27.50 dozen

Chocolate Chip ~ Oatmeal Raisin

~ Triple Chocolate Chunk ~

Our Grandma's Favorite cookies are what we call cookie jar cookies. The kind of cookie you always had (or always wanted), waiting in the kitchen when you came home from school. These old fashioned cookies big, delicious, and flavored with a dusting of nostalgia. Who can resist?

Classic Cookies
$1.25 each / $13.75 dozen

Sugar Cookies ~ Maple Cookie

A Starry Lane Classic Cookie is the perfect finish for any meal. Great for filling out cookie platters, handing out as hostess gifts, or treating your children for a job well done. Their not to big, not to small, and made with clean simple flavors that won't overwhelm your little one's taste buds.

$2.75 each / $30.50 dozen

Lemon Ginger ~ Chocolate Chip Espresso

Cinnamon ~ Chocolate Strawberry

Coffee or tea, morning or afternoon, no matter your preference, it's always a good time for biscotti! Coffee's favorite cookie is back, and now it's allergen free. Whether you're a dunker (go you!) or a straight out of the box kinda person, we know these crunchy cookies will win your heart.

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