Covid-19 Updates

Due to fluctuating county procedures Starry Lane is currently offering only carry-out and delivery. We will not be able to take orders or payment at the bakery. All orders must be placed either by phone or with our new online ordering platform. We are offering store-front pickup and delivery to all of our customers. For more information please email us at

We're going to be doing our very best to keep both our staff and our guests safe during this pandemic. Please take a minute to look over our protocol changes so that we can continue to provide you with the high level of customer service you have come to expect from Starry Lane.

Remember, we’re stronger together then we are apart, and we’ll get through this as a community. As a family.

  • Safety Protocols
  • Orders
  • New Hours
  • Menu Changes

Pick Up Only

Health and safety regulations for restaurants are changing rapidly. In order to avoid confusion, and to keep our staff and guests as safe as possible, we will be adhering to the strictest food service safety guidelines for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that all transactions will be happening at our door. Guests will not be able to enter the bakery and look over our items. You must call ahead, or use our new ordering app, to place an order before coming to the bakery. For the safety of our staff you must still wear a mask to pick up your order


We will not be accepting payment at the store-front pickup area. All orders must be paid in full at the time they are placed.

How to Place an Order

To place an order you can call the bakery at (619) 328-0500, or use our new online ordering app.

You must place an order and pay in full before coming to the bakery. We cannot accept any payment at the door.

Same Day Orders

If you would like to pick up your baked goods the same day you order please call the bakery at (619) 328-0500. Our phones will be open starting at 8am so that we can answer your calls.

Advanced Orders

If you would like to place an order for the next day or in the future, you can still call us, or you can use our new Online Local Pickup ordering app. A link to this app can be found on our homepage.

Store-Front Pickup

To pickup your order you can choose our store-front option. If you choose store-front, you will walk up to our door, give our team member your name, and they will place your packaged order on the counter at the door for you to pick up. You will not be permitted to enter the bakery.


Starry Lane will be temporarily operating on a reduced schedule. Our new hours of operation are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Closed (accepting phone orders from 8am-12pm)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am-5pm (phones will open at 8am for orders)

We are temporarily removing a few items from our menu. This is not a permanent change, but one meant to maximize our time and ingredients until we can execute our full menu again.

The following items will not be available when we reopen

Shortbread Cookies, Cinnamon Swirls, Maple Cookies, Strawberry lilies, Fudge Sandwich Cookies, Oatmeal Cream Cookies, Maple Blondies, Hummus, Croutons, Crostini, Pretzel Crisps, Gingersnaps, Custom Shaped or Decorated Sugar Cookies.

Needed Notice to Place an Order

We understand that our reduced open hours might make it difficult to place orders with enough notice, so we have reduced the time we require to order certain menu items.

New Notice Times

We will now accept next day notice for orders of all items including bread, pies, and Basic Cakes (simple flower and/or message decoration). This means that an order placed on Thursday could be ready on Friday, or an order placed on Friday could be ready on Saturday.

We will still require 1 full week notice on custom and pre-designed cakes. This means an order placed on Thursday could be ready on the next Thursday.

Placing an advanced order is highly recommended. We know that making a trip outside your home can be a harrowing experience right now, and we want to make sure we can provide you with exactly what you need when you come in.

Same Day Pickup

We encourage our guests who do not wish to place an advanced order to call the bakery before stopping by so that we can set aside your requested items and you can pay over the phone. This way you can minimize your time spent inside the bakery, simply come in, pick up your items, and you can be on your way