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You're worth it

Up your dessert game with some awesome Starry Lane pastries. These sweet treats look almost too good to eat!

Fresh Fruit Tortes
4" $6.99 / 8" $18.99

Start with a base of classically sweet vanilla cake. Ring it with a generous amount of fluffy vanilla buttercream. Fill it to bursting with fresh, seasonal fruits. Top it with a light tapioca glaze. And you have what must be the prettiest dessert in the bakery. Perfect for even the poshest of dinner parties.

Fruit varies by seasonal availability

Chocolate Strawberry Torte
4" $6.99 / 8" $18.99

Rich devil's food cake, creamy chocolate ganache, fluffy vanilla "buttercream", and homemade strawberry preserves. Are you drooling yet?

8" Torte avaible by special order only

Other Tortes
$5.50 each / $60.50 dozen

Black Forest ~ Lemon/Raspberry

Whether you prefer our cherry topped chocolate Black Forest torte, or the lemon cake swirled with fresh lemon curd and homemade raspberry preserves, one of our tortes is sure to tickle your fancy.

Fruit Tarts
$3.50 each / $38.50 dozen

Blueberry ~ Cherry

Tender crust, sweet fruit filling, and a savory crumb topping all combine to make these little tarts irresistible. The best part? It's a personal sized pie that you don't have to share!

Check out our seasonal menu for additional flavors

Mini Bundt Cakes
$5.50 each

Chocolate Volcano ~ Caramel Cream

A ring of cake with the frosting inside? Sign us up! This mini delight comes in two delicious flavors: Chocolate Volcano, chocolate cake with fluffy vanilla buttercream, and Caramel Cream, caramel cake with fluffy vanilla buttercream and real caramel drizzle.

Pound Cakes
$6.50 each

Banana Bread ~ Lemon

With Banana Bread for breakfast and Lemon Pound Cake for Dessert, we've got the whole day book-ended. Try toasting the sliced Banana Bread in a hot pan for a few minutes, or topping the Lemon Pound with some fresh sliced strawberries.We promise it won't disappoint.

Pumpkin Bread Available Seasonally

Pastry Ingredients

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