Menu and Cakes

Starry Lane Bakery is a one stop shop for all of your allergy friendly bakery needs! We've got cookies, cakes, cupcakes, bread, pies, and so much more. To make it a little easier to navigate all of our offerings, we've split our menu into a few seperate sections. Why not take a few minutes to explore everything we have to offer? Choices can seem like a luxery in the food allergy comunity, and we think you deserve all the options you can get!

Starting on January 1st 2023, in order to combat surging prices and labor costs, we will be instituting a 5% service charge on all orders.

Daily Menu

We bake hundreds of sweet treats daily for all of our walk in guests. Brownies, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, bread, muffins, and more. There's no need to order ahead (although you certaintly can if you want to make sure we have exactly what you want), just stop in and browse the selection. Why not stop in and browse what we have to offer? You can grab a snack and a cup of coffee, and chill out at one of our tables for while.


Our cakes are always a pre-order item, and never available for same day pickup. Some of our cakes can be ordered with as little as one day's notice, some require an entire week's notice. We have dozens of designs to choose from, but if nothing strikes you as perfect, we're also happy to design custom decoration upon request. Take a few minutes to explore our cake gallery to see some of our favorite designs.

Custom Cupcakes

Are you looking for a special treat for your next event? Custom decorated cupcakes might just be the way to go. Maybe you'd like pink and blue frosting for your baby shower? Or a rosebud on each cupcake to celebrate your engagment? Check out our custom decorated cupcake options to make your next party a hit!


Every BBQ and backyard cookout needs pie! Tender savory crust, and sweet delicous filling combine to make one of the best desserts you'll every taste. Just one day's notice for a top ten allergen free pie that will knock your socks off!